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Meet Filz,
The Refillable

Zero Waste. Refill in Seconds. Non-Toxic.

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Light up your day the responsible way

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Made to last

Premium materials and a luxury design that won’t go out of style

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Enjoy the convenience of clean burning soy wax Refilz

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Relax knowing you aren’t exposing yourself to toxins like paraben & phthalate

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Enjoy your favourite scents guilt-free without the unnecessary waste

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We take pride in creating products that don’t harm animals

Filz Midnight Black candle

Midnight Black

Filz Sterling Silver candle

Sterling Silver

Filz Nordic White candle

Nordic white

How It works



Light your candle and enjoy!



Twist off the base and pop out any remaining wax.



Insert a new Refilz and repeat!

Our Fil-osophy

There is no use in single use.

Embracing refillable products empowers us to actively contribute to creating a more sustainable future. Our passion is providing high-quality, nontoxic alternatives to single-use items, making sustainable living effortless, one refill at a time.

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Did you know that 75% of aluminum is still in circulation today!

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Landfills are expanding to accommodate the staggering 200 million tonnes of glass waste that’s produced annually.

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Alanah and Julia

Our Story

We’re so excited you’re here!

As founders and lifelong best friends, we built Filz on the foundation of friendship and a shared passion for wellness and sustainability.

It all began with Julia’s growing collection of empty candle jars. We felt guilty even thinking about throwing them away, but cleaning and repurposing them all seemed overwhelming. Plus, you can only have so many cotton ball holders!

As we started to learn more about the environmental impacts of candle waste, we also discovered that many everyday candles contain chemicals that can harm the health of us, our pets and pollute the air we breathe. This was when we realized the need for practical and sustainable candle options.

We love candlelit moments but don’t love compromising our health and our planet to enjoy them. Together, we spent countless hours brainstorming, designing, and creating a sustainable solution that we could be proud of.

Every decision, from the jar to the wax, was made with the environment in mind. By choosing Filz, you’re not just buying a candle; you’re investing in a sustainable future. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Alanah and Julia signature

Don’t just take our word for it

“Finally! A non-toxic, safe around the family, environmentally friendly candle!! I have always hated throwing away large glass jars after the use of a candle...what a perfect solution!"

Megan D.

“I've had the opportunity to test out Filz candles, and they’ve become a staple in my home! They are beautifully designed, and I love how they are eco-friendly and so convenient to use."

Emily M.

“I am genuinely impressed by the quality of their products. As someone who truly appreciates the beauty of candles, it has been quite a challenge for me to find options that are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This brand has exceeded my expectations."

Sophia R.

“As soon as I touched the Filz candle I fell in love with the quality, the weight and physical texture! Just perfect. Add to that the benefits of this product being a non-toxic, plant-based, pet-friendly and sustainable solution for my candle needs (I like to burn a lot!) makes it worth the investment. Thank you, Julia and Alanah, for giving RFPMEDIA the opportunity to preview the awesome new product."

Richard F., RFP Media

“Can’t wait to order mine! Sustainable candles that are clean and convenient? What’s not to love?!"

Hailey M.

“This is a game changer! No more trying to recycle old jars with wax still inside. I wish I would’ve thought of this! Can’t wait to get mine."

Blake D.

Your Burning Questions… Answered

When can I get a Filz candle?

Mark your calendars - Fall 2023 we will open for pre-sale! Join the waitlist for exclusive pre-sale access before we open to the public as quantities will be limited. Shipping will begin shortly after

What colours does the jar come in?

The jar comes in three timeless colours including Nordic White, Midnight Black, and Sterling Silver.

What is the jar made of?

We know the importance of investing in staple, timeless pieces that last. That’s why we created the jar out of solid aluminum and a durable, custom-made silicone.

Do I need to clean the jar?

Cleaning the jar before refilling is like ironing your socks – you can do it if you want but nobody’s going to notice. Just pop in a new Refilz, relax, and repeat!

Are Refilz made with natural ingredients?

Of course, and that’s how it should always be! Each Refilz is made with all-natural soy-wax and organic cotton wicks. We use a blend of essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils that are paraben and phthalate-free!

What scents will be available?

We’ve curated a collection of seven incredible scents, including popular options like Pistachio and Salted Caramel, Vanilla Coffee, and our personal favourite, Eucalyptus Mint!

An unscented option will also be available for those who prefer the ambiance of a candle without the fragrance.

Email or DM us your favourite scents!

How long does each Refilz last?

Each 7 oz. Refilz candle provides an average burn time of 35 hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your favourite scent every time you Refilz your jar!

Can I buy the Refilz without the holder?

Our Refilz are tailor-made to perfectly fit our Filz jars. Items found at home are not tested for fire resistance and may become a fire hazard. In addition, old candle jars are not designed for multiple uses and the typical glass material is prone to cracking after the original wax burns out.